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Body Treatment Prices

Quality Service. Attention to Detail.
Relaxation at its best. Treat yourself tó most relaxing hour of your life!

It is important to enjoy the benefits of oils while using them safely and responsibly. We select a range of certified Organic oils to stimulating and hydrating the skin.

Remedial Massage (Health fund rebates) 60/ 90mins $85/ 125
Hot Stone Massage 60/ 90mins $95/ 135
Cupping Therapy 60/ 90mins $95/ 135
Aromatherapy Massage 60/ 90mins $90/ 130
Deep Tissue/ Sports/Shiatsu Massage 60/ 90mins $85/ 125
Lymphatic Drainage/Relaxation 60/ 90mins $85/ 125
Pregnancy (2nd-3rd Trimester) 40/ 60/ 90mins $75/ 90/ 130
Foot Reflexology 40mins $70
Foot reflexology w. soak & organicspa scrub 40/ 60mins $80/ 95
40/ 45 mins massage (1-2 areas) 40/ 45mins $70/ 80

Remedial Massage


private insurance rebate

reduce or eliminate pain, and restore normal function of muscles and joints. help increase joint mobility and flexibility, stimulate the lymphatic system and promote blood flow, particularly to injured areas

Hot Stone

heat of stones

the heat of the volcanic basalt stones can be deeply relaxing, help warm up tight muscles, relieve muscle spasm, pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.


essential oil

reduce stress and anxiety, improved quality of life, Improved sleep, soothe sore joints.

Myofacial Cupping

ancient Chinese therapy

soften tight muscles, relieve deep muscular issues and reduce muscle spasms, lift and stretch soft tissue to separate fascial restrictions, Increase range of movement and flexibility in joints.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience one could ever be part of!Pregnancy massage can help relief from muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs.

Foot Reflexology/ Deep tissue/ Sports/ Swedish/ Shiatsu/ Lymphatic Drainage/ Relaxation

Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience to suit your needs.

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Add ons

Have a specific treatment in mind? You can put together a selection of specialised treatments that you like, to create your own package just the way you like it.

Have a specific treatment in mind? You can put together a selection of specialised treatments that you like, to create your own package just the way you like it.

add ons
Essential oils $5
Cupping $10
Hot stone $10
Foot Soak& Scrub10min.$20
Back exfoliant& moisturizer10min.$20
Mini Facial30 min.$55
Extend massage15/ 30 min.$20/ $40

Mini Organic facial

a luxurious Certified Organic and vegan range exclusively formulated for the professional salon and spa experience. this treatment includes clean, massage, mask, moisture.

This treatment is only available with Chantal

Back exfoliant & Moisturizer

remove dead skin cells & improve circulation. Included is an indulgent massage with organicspa body butter to replenish & renew.

Foot soak, scrub & moisturizer

 remove dead skin cells to help the skin feel hydrated with the organic oils of jojoba and olive fruit.

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Organic Facial Prices

Effective and Natural Beauty is made for those who seek the ultimate sophistication in organic skincare

*Please note facial treatments are only available with Chantal

Signature (nourish, restore,  relax) 60mins $95
Bio-Hydra (soothe, hydrate, replenish) 60 mins $105
Age-Vita renewal (stimulate, rejuvenate, regenerate) 75mins $125

Signature Facial

60 min

this classic facial offers a personalised and nourishing treatment. Relax and enjoy this treatment expertly blended using the best Certified Organic, active ingredients to target your skin concerns to optimise your skin health. Suitable for any skin type

includes a deep cleanse, exfolinat, facial, head, arm massage, personalised mask, moisturizer

60 min

indulge in Organicspa's unique fleece mask infused with hyaluronic acid. This facial delivers a specialized plumping, softening & anti ageing effect to the skin. A luxury treatment with a long lasting effect.

includes a deep cleanse, exfoliant, unique fleece mask, facial, head, arms and hand massage & moisturizer

Age-Vita renewal facial

75 min

this results driven facial delivers a high concentration of both Vitamin C & Green Tea to help restore your skin to a radiant refined glow. Perfect enhancement to your anti-ageing home care. Leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliant, specialised Vitamin C mask, indulgence facial, head, arm massage & moisturizer

Price may subject change without prior notice